Integrated Data and Operation Center Missions and Activities

IDOC (Integrated Data & Operation Center) has existed since 2003 as a satellite operations center and data center for the Institute of Space Astrophysics (IAS) in Orsay, France. Since then, it has operated within the OSUPS (Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de l'Université Paris Saclay), which includes three institutes: IAS and GEOPS and AIM.

IDOC participates in the space missions of OSUPS and its partners, from mission design to long-term scientific data archiving. For each phase of the missions, IDOC offers services in the scientific themes of OSUPS.


IDOC is dedicated with it's three departments :
•    IDOC-INSTR: To accompany the genesis of the instruments from their conception, during their manufacture and calibration, until their delivery .
•    IDOC-OPE: To operate instruments and ensure their technical follow-up as well as the adequate execution of their scientific mission.
•    IDOC-DATA: To produce the different levels of data constructed from observations of these instruments and make them available to users for ergonomic and efficient scientific interpretation. It includes the responsibility:

o    To build access to these datasets.
o    To offer the corresponding services such as catalogue management, visualization tools, software pipeline automation, etc.
o    To preserve the availability and reliability of this hardware and software infrastructure, its confidentiality where applicable and its security.

IDOC-DATA currently host more than 63 different datasets accessible via more than 13 access interfaces. Many of these original data sets are the result of the work of the data centre members and new data sets are joining our collection or new services are added regularly.

IDOC-DATA takes part in all the operational phases of space missions.

The themes currently covered by IDOC are as follows :

  • interstellar medium physics with AMIS,
  • cosmology also with COSMO,
  • solar and stellar physics with  MEDOC,
  • planetary surfaces with PSUP,
  • in exo planetology with D2S,
  • thematics of GEOPS.

IDOC is structured from a governance and a management structure, a technical centre, and scientific themes.


IDOC structure

  • IDOC governance is assured by the IDOC steering committee. It is designated by the OSUPS Governing Board which gives its recommendations. The IDOC steering committee nominates both the IDOC technical and scientific leaders who are invited to attend its meetings.


  • The scientific themes are :
    • MEDOC: Multi Experiment Data & Operation Centre for Solar Physics,
    • AMIS : Astrophysics of InterStellar Matter
    • COSMO : Cosmology
    • DS2 (Données Systèmes Stellaires) Stellar physics
    • PSUP: Planetary Surfaces Portal
    • Themes of GEOPS
    • Themes of AIM

The level of expertise is based on the ongoing activities, and on the integration of a great number of unique instruments, each one coming from one of the thematics which exist in the laboratory. IDOC takes part in all the operational phases of space missions. The instruments operated from the center require that the telecommands they receive be prepared and validated. The feedback of this control, which is received through the telemetry treatment chains, depends on the specific transfer periods of each probe, but, due to their critical nature for the instrument, they must receive their validation fast.