Cosmologie (COSMO)

IDOC/COSMO gather all activities on  cosmology on several space, balloon and ground mission. It has an important role in data processing, distribution and interpretation, for several astronomy missions at long wavelength. In this matter, IDOC/COSMO:

  • develops and maintains high level analysis pipelines
  • develops and maintains data archives & access
  • develops, maintains and distribute high level software for data analysis
  • offers scientific expertise for mission using long wavelength detectors
  • plays an important role in education and outreach to the general public

IDOC-L3S : Large Scale Structure Services

Service d'observation sur les grandes structures en multi-longueurs d'ondes

L3S develops and maintains an expertise in high level analysis of large scale structures, by producing analysis pipelines, distributing data in databases, and offering visualisation of added value products and tools, using up-to-date technics from VO and machine learning.

L3S is a Action Nationale d'Observation du centre d'Expertise Régional SO5 des Observatoires des Sciences de l'Univers Paris Saclay (OSUPS) , de la Cote d'Azur (OCA) et d'Aix Marseille (Pytheas).

All the services are available on the L3S dedicated webpage.

Acknowledgements :

Please acknowledge the use of the services with the acknowlegements stated in each service page.