IDOC has strong connexions with ESA as several datasets processed and analyses at IDOC are coming from ESA space missions.

 During the operation phase, IDOC receives/sends data from/to ESOC. After calibration and scientific analyses, several high level data are  distributed through ESA RSSD. 


  CNES is one of the major partners of IDOC. CNES is involved in most missions where IAS is participating. Operations are often done in    collaboration with CNES-Toulouse. For the data ingestion, curation,  distribution and archive, IDOC and CNEs are cooperating to maintain and develop the REGARDS framework based on microservices.




   CDS and IDOC are collaborating through OV discussions since 2009. 

   IDOC is a mirror of CDS for healpix based datasets


  Collaboration inside the SPU working group on space data processing. 

  Collaboration with the Center for Data Science on high level technological subjects.