IDOC-OPE : Operations Center Tasks

IDOC-OPE Operation Tasks on an in-flight instrument :

  • Organize instrument observations taking into account the scientific targets and the life of the instrument on board its vehicle
    • Resources consumed
    • Electrical power consumed
    • Heat dissipated
    • Vibrations emitted
    • Electromagnetic disturbances generated
    • On-board memory occupied
    • Interactions with the vehicle and other instruments
    • Possible operating ranges
    • Telemetry occupancy, rates, slots
    • Relationship with the ground
    • Antenna slot schedules
    • Additional slots (on planned or unplanned event)
      • Use of an instrument and probe simulator
      • Use of a mission planning tool
  • Organize instruments observations taking into account a multiple scientific team
      • Use of a mission planning tool
  • Produce and verify according telecommands
  • Control (and update) job schedule
  • Respond to events reported by monitoring systems
  • Investigate, qualify, fix (or escalate) problems
  • Propose changes (or « repair routine ») for reoccurring problems
  • Update infrastructure (if required – security, major weakness…)
  • Inform


IDOC has 3 differents rooms for operations

Instruments previously operated :

  • SOHO (Sumer and Golf instruments)

Current or future instruments operated :

  • Mars-express (Omega instrument)
  • Solar Orbiter (SPICE instrument)
  • Juice (MAJIS instrument)
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