ISM - Phobos-2 archive

Information for the ISM data archive

This volume contains the complete data set from the imaging spectrometer of the Phobos-2 spacecraft, ISM. The archive provides all the data from the experiment in PDS compliant format. It includes the data themselves at various levels of processing (raw telemetry data, EDR, fully calibrated data, derived data), complete documentation and software for calibration and display written either in Fortran or IDL. The overall contents represents about 200 MB.


Browse the ISM archive

  • The archive can be browsed through this page
  • All files can be accessed directly through this page

Documentation of the ISM archive

Overview of ISM results

  • You can view some information and results from this page
  • A publication list related to ISM (publism.pdf)

Archive information files

  • List of recent changes in the ISM archive (changes.txt)
  • PDS label describing this volume (
  • Short description of the experiment and the data volume, including directory structure (aareadme.txt)
  • Reference to documents containing detailed description of the ISM archive (volinfo.txt)
  • Description of known anomalies or errors associated with this volume (errata.txt)

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