MEDOC provides different types of data to the solar and heliospheric physics community: observation data from space missions, data products derived from observational data, and results from numerical simulations. The corresponding data sets are listed below, with links to data access.

Observation data

Data access is mainly provided through a unifed web interface (web app and API), which includes the following data sets:

SOHO (1996-)
CDS UV spectra LASCO White-light corona images
CELIAS Particle fluxes MDI Disk Dopplergrams and magnetograms
COSTEP Particle fluxes SUMER UV spectra
EIT EUV disk images SWAN UV images of the heliosphere
ERNE Particle fluxes UVCS Coronal UV spectra
GOLF Time series of integrrated disk velocities VIRGO Disk-integrated photometry
TRACE (1998-2010)
TRACE EUV and white-light disk images
CORONAS-F (2001-2005)
Spirit EUV disk and corona images, XUV spectra
STEREO (2006-)
SECCHI/EUVI EUV disk images SECCHI/HI White-light heliospheric images
SECCHI/COR White-light corona images
SDO (2010-)
AIA UV and EUV disk images HMI Visible disk images, Dopplergrams, and magnetograms
PICARD (2010-2014)
SODISM Visible disk and limb images SOVAP/BOS Total irradiance
PREMOS Total and spectral irradiance PICARD-SOL/SODISM2 Visible disk and limb images


Furthermore, the following data sets are available through specific interfaces:

  • PICARD (including mission timeline and documents)
  • SOHO/LASCO/C2 legacy archive (including calibrated and derived data, CME catalogues, 3D electron density from coronal tomography).

Data derived from observational data

The unified web interface includes the following data, which are computed from observational data:

  • SOHO/EIT synchronous synoptic maps.
  • SDO/AIA Differential Emission Measure (DEM) maps. The maps are also provided through a Virtual Observatory interface.

MEDOC provides the following products to the ESA Space Weather portal (please register to the portal to get access):

Furthermore, MEDOC provides:

Simulation results data

The following pages provide data from numerical simulations results:



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