Dynamics in Restructuring Active Regions Observed During Soho/Yohkoh/Gbo Campaigns

TitleDynamics in Restructuring Active Regions Observed During Soho/Yohkoh/Gbo Campaigns
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSchmieder, B., Deng Y., Mandrini C. H., Rudawy P., Nitta N., Mason H., Fletcher L., Martens P., and Brynildsen N.
JournalAdvances in Space Research

JOP17 and JOP 33 are SOHO Joint Observing Programs in collaboration with Yohkoh/SXT and ground based observatories (GBO's), dedicated to observe dynamical events through the atmosphere. During runs of these programs we observed in restructuring active regions (ARs), surges, subflares, bright knots, but not large flares and jets. From these observations we have been able to derive some of the responses of the coronal and chromospheric plasma to the evolution of the photospheric magnetic field. Emerging flux in an AR led to the formation of Arch Filament Systems in the chromosphere, hot loops and knots in the transition region, and X-ray loops. Frequent surges have been observed in relation to parasitic or mixed polarities, but coronal jets have not yet been found. We discuss the possible mechanisms acting during the restructuring of the active regions (reconnection or ``sea-serpent'' geometries)