Transition region quiet sun velocity field evolution

TitleTransition region quiet sun velocity field evolution
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLemaire, P., Artzner G., Vial J.-C., Curdt W., Schühle U., and Wilhelm K.
JournalAdvances in Space Research

The UV/EUV SUMER spectrometer aboard SOHO can record profiles of lines emitted by elements at different stages of ionization corresponding to several temperatures within the transition region temperature range. During the solar cycle minimum in July 1996, we were able to observe the quiet Sun during five consecutive days. From the line positions we have determined the velocity fields and follow their time variations at different temperatures in the transition region. The line intensity maps are used to separate supergranular cells and network and they allow to compare the behaviors of the velocity fields evolution in the two structures. The results are critically analyzed and discussed.