Everything You Always Wanted to Know about CoRoT Data

TitleEverything You Always Wanted to Know about CoRoT Data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBaudin, F., Baglin A., Orcesi J.-L., Nguyen-Kim K., Solano E., Ochsenbeim F., and Committee Corot Scientific
EditorFridlund, M., Baglin A., Lochard J., and Conroy L.
Conference NameESA Special Publication
Date PublishedNov

Everything you always wanted to know about COROT data ..and were not afraid to ask ......but did not get the answer before: contents, size, levels, archiving, distribution... Efficient access to data is an important condition for the success of a mission. This contribution describes the access to COROT data and the related context: data policy, type of data available, archiving and interfaces for data search