STEREO Ground Segment, Science Operations, and Data Archive

TitleSTEREO Ground Segment, Science Operations, and Data Archive
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsEichstedt, J., Thompson W. T., and St_Cyr O. C.
JournalSpace Sciences Review

Vitally important to the success of any mission is the ground support system used for commanding the spacecraft, receiving the telemetry, and processing the results. We describe the ground system used for the STEREO mission, consisting of the Mission Operations Center, the individual Payload Operations Centers for each instrument, and the STEREO Science Center, together with mission support from the Flight Dynamics Facility, Deep Space Mission System, and the Space Environment Center. The mission planning process is described, as is the data flow from spacecraft telemetry to processed science data to long-term archive. We describe the online resources that researchers will be able to use to access STEREO planning resources, science data, and analysis software. The STEREO Joint Observations Program system is described, with instructions on how observers can participate. Finally, we describe the near-real-time processing of the "space weather beacon" telemetry, which is a low telemetry rate quicklook product available close to 24 hours a day, with the intended use of space weather forecasting.