CYMA2DV : 2D radiative transfer code in cylindrical threads for hydrogen with incident radiation and with 3D velocity fields (CRD)

Author : P. Gouttebroze (Contacts: nicolas.labrosse/at/ & Martine.Chane-Yook/at/

  • Purpose:

CYMA2DV solves the equations of NLTE radiative transfer, statistical equilibrium of the hydrogen level populations and electric neutrality. This code is applied to cylindrical objects inside the solar corona, including 2-dimensional radiative transfer effects and 3-dimensional velocity fields.

  • More informations:

Gouttebroze, 2008, A&A 487

  • Fortran files and documentations:

doi : 10.48326/idoc.medoc.radtransfer.cyma2dv

CYMA2DV is provided under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) version 3 or any later version.

CYMA2DV was successfully tested on PCs running linux with gfortran compiler. The source codes are available here (the option insuring that reals are in double precision is already included for gfortran compiler). For running the code, see the README file (English, French). For more details on CYMA2DV, see the user guide (English, French).

  • Input files (test case):
  • 2 files including the light intensities at the solar surface, are used taking into account the dilution factor, to determine the incident intensities at the slab surface : intinc.dat for hydrogen lines and tembri.dat for the rest of the spectrum (in this case, the intensities are given as brightness temperatures)
  • paramod.dat : file including cylinder parameters (diameter, inclination angle, etc.)



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