Space weather: a brief review

TitreSpace weather: a brief review
Type de publicationConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuteursDaly, E. J.
ÉditeurSawaya-Lacoste, H.
Conference NameSolspa 2001, Proceedings of the Second Solar Cycle and Space Weather Euroconference
Date PublishedMar

Space weather science and related solar terrestrial physics are arguably becoming more important as a result of increasing space weather effects. While they continue to be stimulating and challenging fields in their own rights, improved understanding is a necessary underpinning of improved space weather services. Services based on improved monitoring and modelling of the solar-terrestrial system might be a cost-effective contribution to solving some of the problems caused by space weather. However, it is difficult to perform a cost-benefit analysis for such services. Not only is the end-user community very diverse, but the costs of a space weather service are difficult to estimate. This paper discusses the relationships between space weather science and applications, and will summarize the efforts to justify and establish space weather services. Establishment of operational space weather services impose requirements on the ground- and space-based infrastructure which are quite different from science missions.