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Automatic detection of small-scale EUV brightenings observed by the Solar Orbiter/EUI, Alipour, N., Safari H., Verbeeck C., Berghmans D., Auchère F., Chitta L. P., Antolin P., Barczynski K., Buchlin E., R. Cuadrado Aznar, et al. , Astron. Astrophys., Volume 663, p.A128, (2022)
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Flux rope and dynamics of the heliospheric current sheet. Study of the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter conjunction of June 2020, Reville, V., Fargette N., Rouillard A. P., Lavraud B., Velli M., Strugarek A., Parenti S., Brun A. S., Shi C., Kouloumvakos A., et al. , Astron. Astrophys., Volume 659, p.A110, (2022)
Forecasting Solar Flares by Data Assimilation in Sandpile Models, Thibeault, Christian, Strugarek Antoine, Charbonneau Paul, and Tremblay Benoit , Solar Phys., Volume 297, p.125, (2022)
Observation of a Magnetic Switchback in the Solar Corona, Telloni, Daniele, Zank Gary P., Stangalini Marco, Downs Cooper, Liang Haoming, Nakanotani Masaru, Andretta Vincenzo, Antonucci Ester, Sorriso-Valvo Luca, Adhikari Laxman, et al. , Astrophys. J. Lett., Volume 936, p.L25, (2022)
Plasma Composition Measurements in an Active Region from Solar Orbiter/SPICE and Hinode/EIS, Brooks, David H., Janvier Miho, Baker Deborah, Warren Harry P., Auchère Frédéric, Carlsson Mats, Fludra Andrzej, Hassler Don, Peter Hardi, Müller Daniel, et al. , Astrophys. J., Volume 940, p.66, (2022)
The role of asymmetries in coronal rain formation during thermal non-equilibrium cycles, Pelouze, Gabriel, Auchère Frédéric, Bocchialini Karine, Froment Clara, Mikić Zoran, Soubrié Elie, and Voyeux Alfred , Astron. Astrophys., Volume 658, p.A71, (2022)
Solar coronal heating from small-scale magnetic braids, Chitta, L. P., Peter H., Parenti S., Berghmans D., Auchère F., Solanki S. K., R. Cuadrado Aznar, Schühle U., Teriaca L., Mandal S., et al. , Astron. Astrophys., Volume 667, p.A166, (2022)
The State of the White-Light Corona over the Minimum and Ascending Phases of Solar Cycle 25 - Comparison with Past Cycles, Lamy, Philippe, and Gilardy Hugo , Solar Phys., Volume 297, p.140, (2022)
Validation of a Wave Heated 3D MHD Coronal-wind Model using Polarized Brightness and EUV Observations, Parenti, Susanna, Réville Victor, Brun Allan Sacha, Pinto Rui F., Auchère Frédéric, Buchlin Éric, Perri Barbara, and Strugarek Antoine , Astrophys. J., Volume 929, p.75, (2022)
What drives decayless kink oscillations in active-region coronal loops on the Sun?, Mandal, Sudip, Chitta Lakshmi Pradeep, Antolin Patrick, Peter Hardi, Solanki Sami K., Auchère Frédéric, Berghmans David, Zhukov Andrei N., Teriaca Luca, Cuadrado Regina A., et al. , Astron. Astrophys., Volume 666, p.L2, (2022)