An Observational Test for Solar Atmospheric Heating

TitleAn Observational Test for Solar Atmospheric Heating
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
Authorsvan Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Démoulin P., Ireland J., Thompson B., Fludra A., Oláh K., Kövári Z., Harra L. K., Mandrini C. H., Bocchialini K., and Orlando S.
EditorBrekke, P., Fleck B., and Gurman J. B.
Conference NameRecent Insights into the Physics of the Sun and Heliosphere: Highlights from SOHO and Other Space Missions

We study the evolution of the emissivity and heating correlated with magnetic observables of an active region from its birth throughout its decay during seven solar rotations (July-Dec. 1996). Taking one ''snapshot'' per g:wq: Command not found. time of flares, we analyse multi-wavelength and multi-instrument data obtained from SOHO (MDI, EIT, CDS and SUMER), Yohkoh (SXT), GOES, SOLSTICE and 10.7 cm radio data from DRAO, Canada. We utilise our results to test the validity of coronal heating models. We find that models which are based on the dissipation of stressed, current-carrying magnetic fields are in better agreement with the observations than the models which attribute coronal heating to the dissipation of MHD waves.