Statistical Study of SOHO/SUMER Full-Sun Images

TitreStatistical Study of SOHO/SUMER Full-Sun Images
Type de publicationConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuteursBuchlin, E., Vial J.-C., Lemaire P., and Galtier S.
ÉditeurLacoste, H.
Conference NameSOHO 13 Waves, Oscillations and Small-Scale Transients Events in the Solar Atmosphere: Joint View from SOHO and TRACE
Date PublishedJan

A series of full-Sun observations was performed with the SoHO/SUMER instrument between March and October 1996. Some moments of the S VI 93.3nm, S VI 94.4nm, and Ly line profiles were computed on-board. Intensities and line-of-sight velocities in a large central region of the Sun are studied statistically: histograms of intensities are computed, as well as histograms of total intensities of ''events'', and structure functions of the intensity field. Some statistics of velocities are the first to be obtained from observational data. The aim is to compare these statistics to results previously obtained with SoHO/EIT and by numerical simulations of MHD. Signatures of turbulent intermittency are also researched.