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Detection and characterization of a 500 {$μ$}m dust emissivity excess in the Galactic plane using Herschel/Hi-GAL observations, Paradis, D., Paladini R., Noriega-Crespo A., Mény C., Piacentini F., Thompson M. A., Marshall D. J., Veneziani M., Bernard J.-P., and Molinari S. , \aap, jan, Volume 537, p.A113, (2012)
Dust coagulation processes as constrained by far-infrared observations, Köhler, M., Stepnik B., Jones A. P., Guillet V., Abergel a., Ristorcelli I., and Bernard J.-P. , \aap, dec, Volume 548, p.A61, (2012)
The dust properties of bubble H II regions as seen by Herschel, Anderson, L. D., Zavagno A., Deharveng L., Abergel a., Motte F., André P., Bernard J.-P., Bontemps S., Hennemann M., Hill T., et al. , \aap, jun, Volume 542, p.A10, (2012)
Modelling the dust emission from dense interstellar clouds: disentangling the effects of radiative transfer and dust properties, Ysard, N., Juvela M., Demyk K., Guillet V., Abergel a., Bernard J.-P., Malinen J., Mény C., Montier L., Paradis D., et al. , \aap, jun, Volume 542, p.A21, (2012)
Spatial variation of the cooling lines in the Orion Bar from Herschel /PACS, Bernard-Salas, J., Habart E, Arab H., Abergel A, Dartois E, Martin P, Bontemps S., Joblin C, White G J., Bernard J.-P., et al. , Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 538, p.A37, (2012)
Spitzer and Herschel Multiwavelength Characterization of the Dust Content of Evolved H II Regions, Paladini, R., Umana G., Veneziani M., Noriega-Crespo A., Anderson L. D., Piacentini F., D. calves Pinheiro Gon\c, Paradis D., Tibbs C. T., Bernard J.-P., et al. , \apj, dec, Volume 760, p.149, (2012)
Characterizing precursors to stellar clusters with Herschel, Battersby, C., Bally J., Ginsburg A., Bernard J.-P., Brunt C., Fuller G. A., Martin P., Molinari S., Mottram J., Peretto N., et al. , \aap, nov, Volume 535, p.A128, (2011)
Far-infrared to millimeter astrophysical dust emission. II. Comparison of the two-level systems (TLS) model with astronomical data, Paradis, D., Bernard J.-P., Mény C., and Gromov V. , \aap, oct, Volume 534, p.A118, (2011)
The global dust SED: tracing the nature and evolution of dust with DustEM, Compiègne, M., Verstraete L., Jones A., Bernard J.-P., Boulanger F., Flagey N., Le Bourlot J., Paradis D., and Ysard N. , \aap, jan, Volume 525, p.A103, (2011)
Planck early results. IV. First assessment of the High Frequency Instrument in-flight performance, Ade, P. a. R., Aghanim N., Ansari R., Arnaud M., Ashdown M., Aumont J., Banday A. J., Bartelmann M., Bartlett J. G., Battaner E., et al. , Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 536, p.A4, (2011)
Planck early results. XVII. Origin of the submillimetre excess dust emission in the Magellanic Clouds, Collaboration, Planck, Ade P. A. R., Aghanim N., Arnaud M., Ashdown M., Aumont J., Baccigalupi C., Balbi A., Banday A. J., Barreiro R. B., et al. , \aap, dec, Volume 536, p.A17, (2011)
Planck early results. XXV. Thermal dust in nearby molecular clouds, Collaboration, Planck, Abergel a., Ade P. A. R., Aghanim N., Arnaud M., Ashdown M., Aumont J., Baccigalupi C., Balbi A., Banday A. J., et al. , \aap, dec, Volume 536, p.A25, (2011)
A Statistical Study of Dust Properties in Large Magellanic Cloud Molecular Clouds, Paradis, D., Reach W. T., Bernard J.-P., Madden S., Dobashi K., Meixner M., Onishi T., Kawamura A., and Fukui Y. , \aj, feb, Volume 141, p.43, (2011)