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The CoRoT Data Centre: CDC, Baglin, A., and Chaintreuil S. , ESA Special Publication, Nov, Volume 1306, p.279, (2006)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about CoRoT Data, Baudin, F., Baglin A., Orcesi J.-L., Nguyen-Kim K., Solano E., Ochsenbeim F., and Committee Corot Scientific , ESA Special Publication, Nov, Volume 1306, p.145, (2006)
Cycle effects on low-degree p-modes: results from GOLF, Boumier, P., Lochard J., Thiery S., Baudin F., Gabriel A. H., Grec G., and Renaud C. , From Solar Min to Max: Half a Solar Cycle with SOHO, Jun, Volume 508, p.67-70, (2002)