HYDR_NV : computation of intensities in hydrogen lines for a 1D solar or stellar model atmosphere (PRD)

Author : P. Gouttebroze (Contacts: nicolas.labrosse/at/glasgow.ac.uk & Martine.Chane-Yook/at/ias.u-psud.fr)

  • Purpose :

HYDR_NV is similar to PROM5 but deals with solar or stellar model atmosphere.

  • More informations :

Gouttebroze, Lemaire, Vial & Artzner, 1978, A&A, 225     /     Gouttebroze, Heinzel & Vial, 1993, A&A Suppl. Ser. 99, 513

  • Fortran files and documentations:

doi : 10.48326/idoc.medoc.radtransfer.hydr-nv

HYDR_NV is provided under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) version 3 or any later version.

The code was written in Fortran 77, adapted to Fortran 90 by M. C-Y. The source codes are available here (the option insuring that reals are in double precision is already included for gfortran compiler). For running the code, see the README file (English, French). For more details on HYDR_NV, see the user guide (English, French).

  • Input file (test case):
  • fort.3: data file for gravity, star rotation velocity, microturbulent velocity, temperature, column mass (VAL3C solar atmosphere model)
  • Ouput files (test case):
  • fort.8 : iteration messages
  • fort.21: intensities for 3 directions and for each transition line
  • fort.22 : Lyman-Alpha intensities versus frequency and emission angle
  • fort.24: atmospheric parameters, hydrogen density, electron density
  • fort.28: mean intensities
  • v21.pdf: line profiles (fort.21) as PDF file


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